Manufacturing related construction

In close cooperation with their clients, the designers of Hubl Edelstahltechnik develop the designs under production-relevant aspects. The size and scope of a product are irrelevant: all designs guarantee process-safe quality, with 100% repeat accuracy and form fit.

In addition to the pure implementation of sheet metal designs, the design team has years of know-how in the integration of sensitive control technology, pneumatics, hydraulics and mechanical components. Experience is required at the interfaces between these components and the sheet metal. 

Therefore, it is not surprising that the designers of the sheet metal processing company Hubl Blechtechnik think themselves into the processes of their customers to such an extent that, of course, optimisation suggestions are also made in the cooperation, which lead to cost savings in the further production and manufacturing.  

For extensive projects, a project manager guarantees the optimal coordination and implementation of all the customers' wishes and specifications.

The constructive design of the customer's specifications is carried out with the powerful CAD software Creo from PTC and the integrated application module Sheet Metal. The use of this software enables, among other things, the coherent design of extensive sheet metal assemblies, which is a particular challenge.

In this way, a single CAD programme is used to develop continuous, production-related solutions that technically and visually meet all requirements while being realised in a timely and cost-effective manner.

The smooth data exchange with all common 3D and 2D interfaces also facilitates the cooperation between the development partners of the product manufacturers and the design department of Hubl Edelstahltechnik.


As additional services, the design department of Hubl GmbH offers its customers the photorealistic representation of new products and the structural-mechanical simulation on the basis of an FEM analysis. This gives the client maximum security in product development and market launch, on whose success much depends nowadays.

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