Hubl Edelstahltechnik has established itself as a system supplier to its customers when it comes to high-quality stainless steel sheet processing. The company specialises in the development, design, production and assembly of housings and cladding made of stainless steel sheet in prototype construction, pre-series and small series. The versatile demands placed on the stainless steel sheet experts are also reflected in the product diversity of their customers.

Modular scales for food and pharmaceutical applications

Functionality and design complement each other in this scale made entirely of stainless steel. The perfect ground finish is a speciality of Hubl Edelstahltechnik. Rounding in the handling area and the absolutely burr-free processing of the assembly ensure that no residues or germs can settle.

Machine cladding for the semiconductor industry

The frame and the cladding of this system were designed in a development project in a team between Hubl Edelstahltechnik and the client to meet the requirements of the customer. Using the latest sheet metal technology, it was possible to realise the set quality requirements with regard to the design as well as the polished and brushed stainless steel surfaces. Another requirement was the inscription by means of laser engraving and screen printing.

Storage and process vessels for biotechnology

This storage and process vessel was manufactured taking into account customer-specific surface specifications and Ra values. The integrated heat exchanger was developed by the engineers at Hubl Edelstahltechnik. Thanks to high-precision stainless steel manufacturing and intelligent fluid routing, impressive heat transfer performance can be achieved with significantly less flow rate.

Enclosures for laboratory technology

Functional high-quality stainless steel housings meet the core competence of Hubl Edelstahltechnik. Here, housings with pump and dosing devices as well as the casing of a control unit with display receptacle for laboratory technology Executed in stainless steel with rounded edges and seals in IP standard, these devices meet the highest requirements in terms of function and design.

Workpiece carrier for industrial use

Hubl Edelstahltechnik develops and manufactures workpiece carriers for the automotive, pharmaceutical and biotech industries as well as for mechanical engineering. Thanks to the early involvement of sheet metal specialists, their know-how in terms of process and parts understanding is incorporated into the development phase, so that customer-specific and high requirements for flatness, dimensional accuracy, stability and sheet metal thickness are perfectly implemented.

Stainless steel trolley for the pharmaceutical industry

This ergonomically designed stainless steel trolley, which can be flexibly integrated into a wide variety of process chains, was manufactured according to the most demanding customer specifications. Special design requirements such as protruding surfaces and edges, curves and flattened corners were implemented just as precisely as challenging symmetries with maximum functionality and flexibility.

Cover for control element of the food industry

With suitable parts and quantities, hydroforming brings up to 80% price advantage compared to conventional processes and offers completely new sheet metal processing possibilities when it comes to designing complex geometries in 3D freeform surfaces.

Bag filling plant for the pharmaceutical industry

Hubl Edelstahltechnik came into play as the system supplier for this filling station. The entire unit with weighing platform was manufactured completely from stainless steel, including all mechanical and electronic components as well as FAT acceptance and comprehensive documentation according to customer specifications.

Packaging machine for food technology

The special challenge in this project was the conversion of the machine formerly manufactured in black plate into the stainless steel version. The Hubl Edelstahltechnik project team designed the new machine in such a way that the customer's technical requirements were optimised in terms of production. The close cooperation between the customer and Hubl Edelstahltechnik resulted in a machine of the latest generation that can be put into operation with a long service life and stable value while meeting all requirements for the hygienic and germ-free packaging of food.

Shoe shine machine for the cleaning industry

The extravagant design with the elliptical shape and the attached mirror cover poses a special challenge in stainless steel sheet processing. Characteristic of the outstanding quality of Hubl Edelstahltechnik's manufacturing are invisible weld seams and even transitions from the vertical to the horizontal surface.

Tool machining centre for special machine construction

The aim of this design concept was to make the high-quality processes and systems of this machine visible on the outside as well. In cooperation between the customer, the sheet metal processor Hubl Edelstahltechnik and the industrial designer, it was possible to design an unmistakable machine.

Cleaning system for the cleaning industry

Design, functionality, ease of maintenance and service were the basics for this development project of Hubl Edelstahltechnik. Together with the customer, manual and automatic system types were developed in stainless steel, the material for resistance to many cleaning media, and optimised until they were ready for series production.

Art object for the architectural sector

Hubl Edelstahltechnik also designs and manufactures sophisticated components and basins for art objects, water pictures, swimming pools and modern staircases for indoor and outdoor use made of stainless steel for architects and the construction industry, which are weather-resistant, low-maintenance and durable thanks to the material.

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